New iPhone Will Be In the Market This September! Read On To Know Where To Sell Your Old iPhone

New iPhone Will Be In the Market This September! Read On To Know Where To Sell Your Old iPhone

Every September, as the new iPhone comes to the market, the war between the old and the new starts. Everyone wants the best of deal for their old phones so that they can get their hands on on the newer one. What can they do? Where can they find such deals?


Sell online

Online selling giants like Amazon and eBay are the companies that are ready to buy old iPhones and offer a good price in exchange. The price offered though depends on the condition of your phone. A device in good condition can earn you up to $500 or more. On the other hand, a device with cracks or dents or any oter damages will earn you somewhere around $400 or less. The only problem with Amazon is that they pay you in the form of Amazon gift cards which not many sellers may be comfortable with.

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eBay is another platform that allows you to sell your old iPhone, but the process here is quite lengthy. It includes”

* Taking pictures of your iPhone
* Composing a page
* Writing a description
* Responding to buyer’s questions

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Apart from these, bidding scams and shipping expenses are some of the issues to deal with. Then again comes the hidden charges like PayPal fees, eBay charges, etc.

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Brightstar, Gazelle, Networth and Craiglist are some of the other options you can try. Brightstar is a company Apple uses to offer customers Apple Store gift cards. When compared to other platforms that buy old Apple phones, Brightstar’s offers are not at all tempting.

When it comes to Gazelle and Networth, it is recommended to check which site is offering higher amounts for your phone and then decide what suits you the best.

This September, make a smarter choice and enjoy your new iPhone.