New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Crossover: Air Date, First Photos, Plot, Everything To Know

New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Crossover: Air Date, First Photos, Plot, Everything To Know
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The New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover will be aired on Fox Tuesday at 8/7c. The two part crossover will start with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and conclude with New Girl. In the special episode, the New Girl team travels to New York and joins the team from the 99th precinct to track down a suspect after detective Jake Peralta enlists Jess’ help.


While the first half of the one-hour New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover episode shows how the New Girl gang comes across the Brooklyn Nine-Nine folks and gets involved in their mission to track down a suspect, the second half reveals what drove the New Girl folks to New York. The gang headed to New York as Schmidt thought he was being honoured at the high school, the E! News reported.

Jesse runs into Gina and Captain Holt as she ends up in the 99th precinct. Elsewhere, Nick and Winston strive to make subway fare while trying to impress Det. Charles Boyle, the Deadline reported. The episode will also see Cece having a confrontation with her mother-in-law.

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Crossover Trend In US TV Series

The biggest crossover event of the season is surely going to be very enjoyable. However, the concept of crossover has been effectively utilized a number of times earlier by different networks to make viewers tune in. Last season Fox brought about a similar crossover episode between Bones and Sleepy Hollow.

According to a report by the Cinema Blend, although the two sitcoms, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the New Girl are unlikely to have anything in common, the awkward humor of Jess and Jake help bridge the gap. Also, the shows have been airing back to back for some time now, which has made it easier to schedule such a crossover.

The New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover episode is also going to be a welcome change for Brooklyn Nine-Nine as it spent the initial episodes of the season playing around Peralta and Captain Holt hiding from a few bad men.

The @newgirlonfox crew and the #Brooklyn99 squad join forces on a special crossover event this Tuesday beginning at 8/7c!

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