New, Faster Google Chrome Improves Battery Life, Saves Memory

New, Faster Google Chrome Improves Battery Life, Saves Memory

Google Chrome, the most beloved browser around the world, just got better. Chrome users also had complaints that the browser makes their systems slow. As the browser gets an update, all the issues have been solved. Google announced the update on Thursday and here is what the company said about the development in its blog post:


“Speed is one of the founding principles of Chrome. As the web evolves and sites take advantage of increasing capabilities, Chrome’s performance—how fast pages load, how smooth scrolling is, how much memory is consumed, and how long your battery lasts—becomes even more important. So in the latest release of Chrome we’ve included a ton of improvements to make your browsing use less memory and power.”

The company further mentioned that the browser will now be more efficient in storing your tabs. Tabs that are least viewed can also be easily tracked down. It will also stop saving the tabs if it detects that your machine is running out of resources. This is just one way to save memory. Here comes another memory saving technique: as mentioned in the blog post, Google Chrome will not detect when a webpage is idle and will use that free time to clean up unused and old memory.

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Updated Chrome promises a longer battery life. How does that work? The browser has introduced a setting to ‘auto-pause flash content that’s not central to a website.’ This setting, depending on the user’s operating system will improve battery life by 15%.

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This is why everyone loves Google Chrome. The browser understands the needs of every user.

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