New England Patriots Rumors: Jimmy Garoppolo Trade To 49ers, Jets, Browns Next Season Possible?

New England Patriots Rumors: Jimmy Garoppolo Trade To 49ers, Jets, Browns Next Season Possible?
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Jimmy Garoppolo’s future with the New England Patriots seems set as a backup unless Jacoby Brissett shows him up with his performance against the Houston Texans. The 24-year-old is currently listed on a day-to-day basis following a shoulder injury and there is no telling when he will return.


Jacoby Brissett obviously proved critics wrong, mostly hardly giving the Patriots a chance with a third string and rookie quarterback on the field. In the end, the Pats own via romp 27-0 which may change the future of New England at quarterback.

That includes a mix-up though it is believed that Tom Brady will retain the starting position when he returns. The issue here is who is next in line, Jacoby Brissett or Jimmy Garoppolo?

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It may be just one game but it was against a powerhouse. Some may call it a fluke but Brissett has likely earned another shot at it when the Patriots face the Buffalo Bills next, according to ESPN.

Jimmy Garoppolo displaced?

With the breakthrough, there is no question that the attention has shifted from Jimmy Garoppolo to Jacoby Brissett. That said, does this mean that the 24-year-old Garoppolo will find himself down to third string?

The Buffalo Bills was supposed to be Garoppolo’s last game as a starter had he been healthy. But with the emergence of Brissett, coach Bill Belichick may just end up going with Brissett. If the rookie comes up with another performance, the least he can look forward to is back-up quarterback.

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Fast-forward to the end of the season, what does Garoppolo’s future hold? Will the Patriots eventually move him to other teams? That may depend on the fate of Tom Brady, according to another report from ESPN.

Brady is 39-years-old and looming to be close to retirement. If so, that means Garoppolo still has a lock at the quarterback position should Brissett falter at some point. But the question is will he take that chance?

Teams like the San Francisco 49ers, New York Jets or even the Cleveland Browns would pay good money to get someone like Garoppolo to their fold so those could be options. Hence, Garoppolo’s future depends pretty much on what he wants.

The Patriots are likely to stick to Garoppolo for as long as they can. But the future changes if Brissett turns out to be the breakout star following his recent performance. A follow-up brilliant game against the Bills will likely cement the final rotation at quarterback for the Pats.

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