New England Patriots Julian Edelman Slammed With Paternity Suit: Who Is Ella Rose?

New England Patriots Julian Edelman Slammed With Paternity Suit: Who Is Ella Rose?
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New England Patriots star Julian Edelman is facing now facing a paternity suit. Swedish model Ella Rose is claiming that the player is the father of her unborn child and filed documentation to court.


The suit comes after rumors surfaced about Edelman getting close to Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima. The Patriots wide receiver and Rose have been in a casual relationship for almost two years.

According to TMZ, sources believe that Ella Rose is currently five months pregnant with Edelman’s alleged child. But who is she?

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Who is Ella Rose?

She currently resides in LA. However, Ella Rose plans to have the baby in Massachusetts.

She may deliver the due date on October.

She seems very confident that he is indeed the father. Ella Rose has filed the paternity documents in the Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming Edelman as the child’s father. Her confidence was proven to be on point as the Patriots player later issued a statement regarding the suit.

According to the Daily Mail, although their relationship wasn’t official, Julian Edelman has now acknowledged the child to be his. He had initially contested the suit and adamantly denied being the baby’s father.

Julian Edelman X Adriana Lima?

The “I’m pregnant with your child” drama might have derailed the football star’s plan, which is why he originally denied the model’s claims. Edelman was recently spotted holding hands with Adriana Lima in Nantucket.

It seems Edelman has pulled off a Tom Brady by knocking up Rose and quickly moving to world-famous supermodel in the form of Lima. It might not be a coincidence that his agent is also representing Brady.

As for his agent, he declined to comment about the personal life of his client.

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This is not the first time the football star has been seen juggling multiple women. In 2015, a Snapchat photo of him with a woman captioned “Just f****ed Edelman, no lie” went viral.

Whether Julian Edelman fulfills his fatherly responsibilities to his child is still up for questioning. Ella Rose has yet to release a statement regarding the paternity suit now that he has acknowledged being the father.

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