New England Patriots Fans Stage “Free Tom Brady” Rally To Protest Against Ban

New England Patriots Fans Stage “Free Tom Brady” Rally To Protest Against Ban
Tom Brady responds to reporters at Media Day WEBN-TV / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

The Gillette Stadium parking lot was occupied by New England Patriots fans on Sunday vociferously protesting against the ban of star Tom Brady. About 150 fans organized a rally that involved chanting “Free Tom Brady” and waving banners saying that the ban was “unjust.”


Tom Brady has been suspended for the first four games of the season by the NFL for deflating footballs. The reports revealed that Brady knew about the tampering of balls by the team-stuff prior to the American Conference Final against Indianapolis. The Patriots eventually won the game and clinched Superbowl, the 4th NFL crown for Brady.



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A 22-year-old janitor, Pablo Munoz, called the event in Facebook inviting fans to join the “peaceful rally to protest the unjust football arrest of half-God, half-man Tom Brady.”

“Money can’t buy legacy and that’s what’s being tainted right now,” Munoz told the Boston Herald.

“If he goes in the Hall of Fame with an asterisk next to his name that’s going to be more than defamation.” Munoz also said, “That’s to be just terrible. That’s really what this is about. It’s to show him there’s still a nation, a sea of people who believe that he’s the champion that he is.”

Fans were wearing their star quarterback’s jersey to express solidarity with the embattled hero. The multimillionaire husband of ace model Gisele Bundchen has appealed the ban. The NFL player’s union has clarified their reservations about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell regarding hearing Brady’s appeal.

  • Robert Anderson

    Four games was way to light – hope Rodger G ups the games to at least eight- cheating is cheating. Hope it goes to court so we can all see what brady is hiding in his electronics.