NFL Trade Rumors: Colin Kaepernick To New England Patriots?

NFL Trade Rumors: Colin Kaepernick To New England Patriots?
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The New England Patriots may be forced to take drastic measures at quarterback unless they are sold using Jacoby Brissett for week 3. Erstwhile replacement starter Jimmy Garoppolo went down with an injury.


The earliest possible time for Garroppolo to return is when the Patriots meet the Buffalo Bills. But even that is uncertain since it all depends on the state of health of 24-year-old quarterback.

Hence, the Patriots may have to explore other options to avoid falling in a hole. They have at least two games to take care of until regular starting quarterback Tom Brady returns to the fray – one against the Houston Texans and that game against the Bills.

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Colin Kaepernick on Bill Belichick’s mind?

One of the most sensible quarterbacks to consider is San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick. The once promising quarterback has been spending most time on the bench where his talent is being wasted.

There are other teams equally curious about the case of Colin Kaepernick so it wouldn’t hurt to include the Patriots in the mix. But would it be feasible?

Even if Brady returns, he is likely to end his career soon. Colin Kaepernick could end up more than a temporary replacement but the eventual successor to Brady.

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Garoppolo has been showing great strides but the fact remains that he needs to hone up his skills before he can start seeing himself in the company of established quarterbacks in the NFL.

Will the 49ers bite?

Assuming the Patriots take a shot at trading for Colin Kaepernick, it will be interesting who the Patriots offer. Garoppolo could be one plus maybe some future draft picks.

If ever a deal could be made, it is unlikely that this will come in time when the Pats face the Texans. Many feel that New England’s next game is as good as lost unless Brissett comes up with a perfect performance – something that may take a miracle.

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