New Easter Egg Found In ‘Batman V Superman,’ Barbara Gordon In Upcoming DC Films?

New Easter Egg Found In ‘Batman V Superman,’ Barbara Gordon In Upcoming DC Films?
Wonder Woman from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice / Facebook

Many critics and fans questioned the need for a Batman v Superman movie after its initial release. But a new secret reference in the film is has helped establish the grounds for DCEU. Moreover, it looks like Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck, and Geoff Johns are on a mission to successfully adapt the DC Comics storyline along with their own original concept.


Yesterday, a new behind-the-scenes video from Batman v Superman was released. In a way, the production team has been encouraging the audience to look rewatch the movie to find more easter eggs.

Redditor Haljordan2015corps submitted a screenshot from Batman V Superman earlier today. The image is from a scene where Alfred is operating the supercomputer in the Bat Cave. A closer look at the image shows “Oracle Network” written on the monitor.

There is already speculation suggesting Batman v Superman is hinting at the possibility of Batgirl. She could have already dropped her cape after an unfortunate accident, leading to her role as the Oracle in the wheelchair.

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Other fans on reddit are suggesting that it’s simply the name of the program on the computer. It could be possible that Barbara took the name after coming across the program.

While it’s still early to speculate any further, it’s likely that we would soon come across Barbara Gordon as herself/Batgirl/Oracle in the Justice League movie, or in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie.

If Batgirl makes her appearance in upcoming DC films, which actress would do justice to the role? Judging by the hype for SDCC, it looks like we’ll soon find out. Click here to know more about DCEU announcements during the Warner Bros. Panel.

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