New Chatbot Allows You To Reach Authorities During Emergencies

New Chatbot Allows You To Reach Authorities During Emergencies
Police Line / Police Tape Tony Webster / Flickr cc
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Reporting emergencies is now just a tap away, thanks 911bot. The new chatbot helps at reporting crime and emergency to authorities thanks to its quick image-based interface.


According to TechCrunch reports, the technology took its initial shape during the Disrupt Hackathon in New York.

Based on demonstrations by the developer, 911bot is designed to provide several options to help inform the type of emergency. The chatbot instantaneously provides instructions, like how to do CPR during a cardiac arrest, and advises the user how to approach a person in pain after an accident. A CPR administered within the first five minutes improves the patient’s survival rate by 5 times, compared to when it is administered after 5 minutes of distress, according to what one of the founders of 911bot told TechCrunch.

The chatbot allows you to send your location with a tap and attach extra information like videos and pictures. This lets the chatbot provide you with feedback on how and how not to approach the incident. Most of the actions, except typing your contact information, only takes 1-2 taps.

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While the user is providing crucial information to the chatbot, it automatically transfers your number, location, and the media to 911. The chatbot stands out in its system of delivery. Thanks to its API and ESRI technology from Facebook Messenger, which improves location-sharing data, it can also use Twilio to construct the initial system.

Although the chatbot aims to lower the panic during a situation, its demonstration seemed monotonous, and it looks like it is handled by a program. Moreover, an app that aims to help people during chaotic situations could have bug issues on its initial release.

More information will be updated after the release of its initial version. You can check out its website to learn more.

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