New Blast Hits China After Strings Of Parcel Bombs

New Blast Hits China After Strings Of Parcel Bombs
Explosion Kevin Dooley / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Another blast rocks a residential building in Guangxi’s Liucheng, China on Thursday, CCTV News is reporting. This is a separate blast from the strings of explosions that resulted from more than dozens parcel bombs that rocked the same region on Wednesday.


The 17 parcel bombs that exploded on Wednesday killed seven and injured 51, Xinhua reported. There are two other still missing and unaccounted for as of press time.

Police has identified a suspect in relation to the strings of parcel bomb explosions. The police identified a man only identified with the surname Wei, a locale of Liucheng county. The Ministry of Public Security is declaring the incident criminal in nature and not a terrorist activity.

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According to, parcel bombs exploded in 13 locations – business trade mall, a prison, a government building, a supermarket, a bus station and a hospital. Local Chinese officials issued warnings against opening parcels that they have or will be receiving in the wakes of the tragedy.

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Cai Tianlai, Liucheng county public security commissioner, has warned that there are total of 60 suspicious parcels linked to the tragedy, South China Morning Post reported. The suspicious parcels are being guarded by the proper authority and a bomb squad is already summoned to conduct analysis of them.

Meanwhile, Dai Peng, director of the Criminal Investigation College at People’s Public Security University of China, disagreed with the local government that the explosions were criminal in nature. Peng is leaning more to the angle that the strings of explosions were results of “loopholes of management of the express delivery industry.”

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