Apple TV SPecs: New ‘Apple TV’ Vs Old Apple TV, Differences Between The Two

Apple TV SPecs: New ‘Apple TV’ Vs Old Apple TV, Differences Between The Two
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Apple has relaunched the “Apple TV” with some changes. Let us have a look at how this new Apple TV is different from its older version.


As we told you in our last story about Apple TV, the company has introduced a few changes to its remote control. Whereas the third-gen’s Apple TV had a standard aluminum remote, the new remote control comes with a touchpad and additional buttons – a menu button, Siri button, display button, play/pause, and volume. The remote is also equipped with dual-mics for Siri.

Apple TV 2015 has better storage options than the third-gen TV. The new one gives us two options to choose from, 32GB and 64GB. The older TV had only one option for internal storage, 8GB. Both TVs support H.264 video streaming up to 1080p but at different framerates. The Apple TV that was launched in 2013 works at the rate of 30 fps, while the new TV works at 60 fps.

When it comes to ports, the old TV provided the following ports:

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Power in,

Optical audio out,

Micro-USB socket,

Ethernet, and

HDMI out

The new box offers you Power in, Ethernet, HDMI 1.43 out, and USB‑C for service and support. It also wins over the old box for supporting USB-C type port.

To allow users make purchases via TV, the new box has an updated operating system that lets the user shop with the help of a button. The latest software and an improved remote control also make it possible for the user to play games using the Apple TV.

On the surface, not much seems to have changed, but there are many improvements made to Apple TV with the relaunch.