New Apple TV Is iOS 9-based; September Release Date; New Design, More Upgrades And Features

New Apple TV Is iOS 9-based; September Release Date; New Design, More Upgrades And Features
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The much-awaited Apple TV will finally be presented at Apple’s media event in September 9, Wednesday. What’s the new design and what are the new features for the new Apple TV? Find out below.

If there are things you want to know about the new Apple TV, it’s its new hardware design.


New look

9to5Mac reports that the new model will look like its predecessor, only a bit wider. For connectivity’s sake, rumors have it that the plastic case will be retained. This will remove any potential Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection issues.


So Siri will be in the next Apple TV upgrade. Buzzfeed reports that a new operating system is in place to support Siri.

Remote control

The remote control is something to note as well. 9to5Mac first reported that the new model’s remote control will be bigger, “more capable and tactile.” The remote will also have gesture and touch-based input supports. There’s also a big possibility of the integration of Force Touch into the new remote control.

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In the new OSX 1.11 El Capitan developr betas, 9toMac found posibilities of 1) enhanced audio for gaming, 2) private audio listening, 3) Siri support.

Search options

Apple TV has reportedly now a better search support, where users can look for movie titles in the iTunes store and other streaming websites.

Apple TV: New, faster processor

Running on dual core A8 chip, this will make Apple TV faster. RAM will also double to 1GB with 32 GB worth of flash storage.

The last question is, will Apple be beating cable TV?

The answer is a resounding, not yet. The discussions with the TV networks are not yet fully done, so we’ll probably have to wait until next year. Don’t worry though, 9toMac reports that the new TVs are set for the new Apple streaming services so no need to buy a new one once this is in place.

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