Netflix New Releases for July 2016 Include Japanese Anime ‘Kuromukuro’ and More Movies, Check List Here

Netflix New Releases for July 2016 Include Japanese Anime ‘Kuromukuro’ and More Movies, Check List Here
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Independence Day weekend is almost here and folks who plan to take it easy and stay indoors may want to tune into Netflix and see what they have to offer.


Multiple reports have come in and overall, there is plenty to check out over at Netflix. About 62 titles have been released on Friday but there are a whole lot more to look forward to moving forward.

Aside from the movies on Netflix, there is The Shannara Chronicles, which previously aired on MTV. Forbes mentioned that this is a high fantasy series close to Game of Thrones though it has a more teen-like cast.

TV Series Out Since July 1

Other than The Shannara Chronicles, series that are already available include Between” (Season 2), Deep (Season 1), Marcella (Season 1), Marco Polo (Season 2) and Raiders of the Lost Ark (Season 2), Game Zone reported.

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The Netflix list will see more additions as July moves on. On July 4, Kuromukuro (Season 1) will be up with more following in the coming days. That includes NSU Germany History X (Season 1) on July 7, Word Party (Season 1) on July 8, Mystery Files (Season 1) on July 9 and The Last Kingdom (Season 1) on July 10.

Netflix Movies to Enjoy

62 movie titles were released since July 1 and they include some popular classics over at Netflix. That includes the Back to the Future trilogy, Beverly Hills Cop 1 and 2, Gladiator, Lethal Weapon (1 to 4) and The Longest Yard.

The Netflix movie lineup will also include some new but lesser known titles like Terminus, Making the American Man and Jim Jeffries: Freedumb that should keep folks occupied as they sit back and relax. The complete list can be viewed here.

While there are a lot of neat Netflix titles to choose from, one will be saying goodbye. This will be Venus and Serena, which was set to be taken out as early as July 2.

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