Netanyahu’s Gentle Dog Bites Dignitaries During Happy Hanukkah

Netanyahu’s Gentle Dog Bites Dignitaries During Happy Hanukkah
U.S. Ambassdor Shapiro (right) meets with PM Benjamin Netanyahu (left) U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv via Compfight cc

An adopted dog, Kaiya, embarrassed her human when she bit two dignitaries during a Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony. Her human was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the two dignitaries were Sharren Haskel and the husband of Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely. According to other guests, the prime minister was visibly embarrassed.


Kaia was adopted by the prime minister’s family in July 2015. His son, Avner, found Kaiya at a pound. She was about to be put down at the time. Mr. Netanyahu was very proud of Kaiya. “Meet Kaiya, ten years old, a gentle and mild-mannered dog that instantly became a member of our family,” he posted on Facebook at the time.

However, during the Hanukkah celebration at the Prime Minister’s house, Kaiya bit Haskel who was petting her, The Israel Times reported. Fortunately, there was a group of medics on standby at the venue of the Hanukkah celebration. Mr. Netanyahu immediately accompanied Haskel for immediate treatment.

Five minutes later, Kaiya bit another guest, the foreign minister’s husband. According to witnesses, Mr. Netanyahu managed to shout: “Get away from her, she bites.” But it was too late. The prime minister then accompanied him to the paramedics.

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Haskel dismissed the incident as trivial. “To those asking about my welfare, as someone who was once a [professional] snake wrangler, a small bite from a dog doesn’t excite me,” she tweeted.

Most of the guests also dismissed the incident as petty. They said that Kaiya might have been overwhelmed by the crowd that night. Any other dog that is not used to seeing large crowd would have reacted that way with strangers, the guests said.

Mr. Netanyahu was actually bitten himself by Kaiya earlier this year, The Israel Times said in a separate report. He received rabies vaccination after the incident, the report said.