What You Need to Know About Raspberry Pi Zero

What You Need to Know About Raspberry Pi Zero
Raspberry Pi Zero GPIO Soldering Project Gareth Halfacree / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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What's This?

Raspberry Pi Zero is the cheapest computer in the market. At $5, the computer board beats other low-priced products. Want to know more about it? Just read on to find out more.


The computing board is not only sold at $5 in some places; it was also given out for free with some magazines. Raspberry Pi wanted to make a computer at a cheaper price but with more power. It produced Raspberry Pi 2 with the same price of Raspberry Pi, then introduced Raspberry Pi Zero at a lesser price.

At 65mm x 30mm in dimension, Zero is smaller than a credit card. The computing board is only 5 MM thick. A single-core Broadcom BCM2835 CPU processor powers Raspberry Pi Zero. The clock speed is at 1 GHz, which makes it 40-percent faster than the original version.

The Zero features 512MB RAM but other things have been kept at bare essentials. It comes with a single mini-HDMI port instead of a full HDMI port. The output video will be at 1080p and 60fps. Two microUSB ports are present in the board to handle power supply. The other port can be used to connect a USB mouse, a keyboard and other required peripherals.

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There is a microUSB card slot that can be used for storage supply. There is no Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity built in the device. The Raspberry Pi Zero runs on Raspbian, same as other devices from the company. The operating system is lightweight and users will have free access to it. A 40-pin GPIO header along with an unpopulated composite video header is also present in the device.

While Raspberry Pi Zero may seem like a desktop computer, it is made for educational purposes. The cost of a budget startup pack ranges from $29.95 to $59.95.

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