NBA Trade Rumors: Wizards Will Eventually Break John Wall, Bradley Beal Duo

NBA Trade Rumors: Wizards Will Eventually Break John Wall, Bradley Beal Duo
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The Washington Wizards own one of the deadliest backcourt duos at the moment with John Wall and Bradley Beal though the two have made it look like they were feuding. Could trouble be brewing at the hands of new head coach Scott Brooks?


Being a coach who got the chance to handle a couple of stars with the Oklahoma City some years back with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, Brooks remained infazed. For him, the alleged rift is nothing to be concerned about. He sees it a good sign, drawing out the competitive nature from Wall and Beal.

It is Nothing New for Scott Brooks

“Two things I noticed about both of them: They’re very competitive, and they care about their teammates. When you have those two qualities, you will never have problems with me as the coach and you’ll never have problems with your teammates,” Brooks said via the Washington Post.

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Hence, rumors leading to a possible split between Wall and Beal are not likely to happen under his watch. Friction is only normal but revealing it to media or in public could be seen as good and bad.

Good in the sense that it shows how much both and the team have for the game. Bad in the sense that it sends mixed signals.

Don’t Count on a Break-up for Now

All that aside, expect nothing serious to happen for now. The only way these two will split up is through their contracts and free agency. Hence, it all depends on the team owners and how they can keep both players happy.

When healthy, the Wizards are a team to reckon with. Wall has been affected by occasional health bumps, injuries that keep him from playing continuously.

Beal, on the other hand, has been up there to pick up the slack when Wall is out. When healthy, Beal gets a big reprieve since he doesn’t have to do all the work for the Wizards.

In all, the only problem that Brooks may have to face is the supporting cast. He is blessed with a talented backcourt duo, one of the best in the league right now that he will likely work to keep.

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