NBA Trade Rumors: Spurs, Hawks Discuss Al Horford-Danny Green Trade

NBA Trade Rumors: Spurs, Hawks Discuss Al Horford-Danny Green Trade
Al Horford Valentino Valdez / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

San Antonio Spurs and Atlanta Hawks are discussing a deal which would send Al Horford to the Western Conference giants and Danny Green to A-Town, according to latest NBA Trade Rumors.


With Tim Duncan in the twilight of his career, the Spurs are forecasting a future front court comprising of Horford and LaMarcus Aldridge. Horford, on the trading block for several weeks, fits all the criterion of the model Spur. The big Dominican is a coach’s dream, he is a consummate professional, soft-spoken, humble and team-oriented.

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Horford has thrived under Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer – who is a protégé of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. Therefore, the transition would be seamless. Danny Green, too, will fit perfectly with Atlanta’s system. The 3-and-D specialist is familiar with Budenholzer, who spent more than 15 seasons as Popovich’s assistant coach.

Simmons ready to start…

The Spurs, who signed Green to a four-year deal this past offseason, are considering the wing ‘dispensable’ after the emergence of Jonathan Simmons. If Green is traded, Simmons would be promoted to the starting unit. Kawhi Leonard and Simmons could form a lethal defensive combo at the perimeter.

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Also, the Spurs feel that Manu Ginboli, Kyle Anderson, David West, Boris Diaw and Patty Milly are good enough to carry the second unit. Also, Horford coming on board would mean lesser minutes for Aldridge and Duncan.

Duncan, a future Hall of Famer, would obviously continue to be the elite rim protector and starter. Horford and Aldridge will start alternatively at the 4 spot before Duncan’s eventual retirement opens up a spot in the starting 5. Both Horford and Aldridge will get the opportunity to learn under Duncan during the taxing postseason.

A direct swap between Green and Horford has the approval of ESPN’s Trade Machine. Hawks get a solid 3-and-d player who can serve them for another three years. And Spurs acquire Tim Duncan’s long-term successor.

Stay tuned for latest NBA Trade Rumors.

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  • twinm85

    i can see why i’ve never heard of this site before. that would be a horrible move for the spurs for a multitude of reasons:

    a) danny green is a much better defender. i’d rather he guard the splash bros in the WCF than simmons.
    b) the spurs have plenty of bigs right now; they don’t need another.
    c) this move would leave the spurs very low on wings. with manu out for the foreseeable future, that would leave only kyle anderson to back up both simmons and kawhi, and pop would likely have to play ray mccallum and patty mills together off the bench. bad idea.

    sorry Sai, but this is a bad move all the way around and would never happen. even if those two teams have spoken, it wouldn’t be a wing-for-a-big trade.