NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat More Likely To Trade Chris Anderson Than Mario Chalmers

NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat More Likely To Trade Chris Anderson Than Mario Chalmers
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Alleviation of the luxury tax bill is the priority for some teams after over expenditure.


For Miami Heat, it’s true. And the franchise is trying to trade away with players like Chris Anderson and Mario Chalmers. Anderson is approximately due $5 million and Heat is looking to put him in the market, but till date hasn’t received any response.

The franchise is expected to bring Chalmers to training camp. Chalmers is another guy in Heat’s list to be traded off, though a final decision hasn’t been taken.

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Miami Heat is facing repeater tax this season, which could hit them by tens of millions. They’ll have to trim their expenses and a salary cut isn’t in their mandate yet. So Heat is eyeing a trade for Anderson and Chalmers.

“Though there is no absolute edict from owner Micky Arison to trim payroll, we’re told the Heat still would prefer to lower its looming tax bill, which would be around $23 million if Miami closes the upcoming season with this current roster.

“Miami remains willing to dealing Chris Andersen (due $5 million) but hasn’t found much of a market for him, according to an NBA official who has been in contact with the Heat,” writes Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

But the market has dried up for the above-mentioned players, with almost all the teams having filled up their rosters.

Anderson’s virtue lies in his athleticism, but he’s aging now. It’s unclear how much he has left and perhaps that’s the reason teams are not showing interest in him.

The last half-decade in NBA has seen a point guard boom. Most of the teams pick one, if not two, point guards capable of starting. Chalmers isn’t a starting-caliber guard. But he could be a solid backup. This utility assured his place in the training camp of Heat and could be the reason the point guard stays back at Miami.

Los Angeles Lakers showed slight interest on Chalmers to assist aging Kobe Bryant.