NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat Eyeing Carmelo Anthony

NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat Eyeing Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

NBA trade deadlines are approaching, and many stars are linked to a switch-over. As talks of the New York Knicks targeting Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose get louder, another rumor has recently surfaced. The Miami Heat are trying to sign Carmelo Anthony in a blockbuster trade.


Miami Heat are currently 5th in the Eastern Conference, with a 22-15 win record and are five wins away from the first place held by LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers. To boost their game, a player is missing in their roster. Carmelo Anthony could be the maverick Miami are looking for. Melo can lift the Heat side closer to be the best in the Conference.

Anthony is playing the lead role in the Knicks but is reluctant to take on as mentor. If the Knicks move up to a playoff berth, they’ll hold onto every piece they have in their roster. If they falter, the trade is open. The All-Star has a base salary of more than $24 million as part of the 5-year, $124.1 million contract he signed for the Knicks in the year 2014.

But 31-year-old Anthony wants a taste of the NBA title, and time is running out for him. Miami could provide All-Star Melo the challenge he is eyeing for a long time.

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