NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Plan To Be Active On Deadline Day

NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Plan To Be Active On Deadline Day
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Unlike last season’s deadline, the Los Angeles Lakers plan to be extremely active on Thursday, according to latest NBA Trade Rumors.


Who can forget the chaos that ensued on February 20, 2015? Miami Heat acquired Goran Dragic, Oklahoma City Thunder acquired Enes Kanter, Detroit Pistons acquired Reggie Jackson, Kevin Garnett returned to Minnesota, Brandon Knight went to Phoenix and Isiah Thomas found a new home in Boston, just to name a few! Phew!

Last season’s NBA trade deadline ended in a 20-minute flurry that left Twitter feeds moving at incomprehensible rates and fans, reporters, league officials and even players confused about everything going on. Eventually, 11 trades went down but the Lakers remained totally inactive. In total, a record-setting 37 players were moved, besides all the the draft picks that were exchanged.

Derrick Rose Certain To Be Traded Before Deadline

Laker fans took to Twitter and Facebook to bash the front office for not attempting to rejig the roster. According to a source close to the Purple & Gold, the Lakers plan to be a lot more active tomorrow and are certain to shop Roy Hibbert, Louis Williams, Brandon Bass and Nick Young, at the least.

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In fact, don’t rule out the possibility of Lakers trading one of their prized youngsters, D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle or Jordan Clarkson, if a disgruntled superstar falls in their lap. Stranger things have happened in the past and it’s wise not to rule out anything.

Anything is possible…

Mitch Kupchak, the Lakers GM, is not very optimistic, though. “I think it is unlikely that something will happen between today and tomorrow, but it’s possible. There’s an awful lot of interest in our young players. I don’t think it’s likely we would do anything,” Kupchak told in an interview earlier today.

Kupachak added: “A lot of the other players are on one-year deals, expiring contracts. Strategically it could affect the offseason in terms of cap room, stuff like that. So there’s a lot of conversation, but I think it’s unlikely that anything significant will happen.”

But has Kupchak been fielding offers from other teams? “Yeah, normal business. I make half the calls. You get half the calls. It’s a puzzle. You want to figure out what other teams are doing. You want to see if there’s an opportunity to get involved,” said the former showtime Laker.

At least for Laker Nation’s sake, here’s hoping that Kupchak and the front office are able to conjure up a deal or two. With the Lakers out of the playoff race for a third consecutive race, a trade or two is the only way to please the humongous fan base.

With the deadline barely 24 hours away, stay tuned for latest NBA Trade Rumors.

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