NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers To Move D’Angelo Russell For Jabari Parker?

NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers To Move D’Angelo Russell For Jabari Parker?
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The Los Angeles Lakers could be tempted to move rookie D’Angelo Russell for Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker, per latest NBA Trade Rumors.


While the Lakers and Bucks haven’t discussed the potential swap of the two former No. 2 draft picks, HBO’s Bill Simmons suggested the trade in his podcast on Monday. “Here’s my last trade. I think it’s my favorite trade of all the trades. Jabari Parker for D’Angelo Russell straight up,” said the former ESPN writer and Grantland boss. “You can’t (come up with a reason to not like it). You won’t be able to. It’s a great trade,” added Simmons.

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Despite the trade chatter surrounding Parker, ESPN’s Mark Stein said Monday that Milwaukee were reluctant to part with the sophmore. “The Bucks, sources say, are also turning aside the calls they’re getting on young forward Jabari Parker, who continues to recover from ACL surgery, but point guard Michael Carter-Williams is undeniably gettable,” wrote Stein. However, Bucks could be tempted to swap Parker for Russell.

Free Russell from Byron Scott…

Simmons felt that Russell needed to play for a team that wasn’t coached by Byron Scott. In some ways, Simmons has echoed the views of many Laker fans who reckon that Scott has curbed the development of the rookie guard – who came into the league with the reputation of a playmaker.

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“We should all root for it because the moment D’Angelo Russell gets traded, he’s going to unleash holy hell on Byron Scott. It’s going to be awesome. He’s going to ruin him. He’s going to say terrible things about him,” said Simmons, who was subtly hinting that Russell is averaging only 3.3 assists per game because of Scott’s stifling system.

Identical stats…

On paper, the trade doesn’t sound crazy. Their stats are almost identical: Russell is averaging 12.2 points, 3.6 rebounds and 3.3 assists. Parker is averaging 11.3 points and 4.7 rebounds. Both players have shown sparks of greatness and are bound to be stars in the league for years to come.

At this stage, it all boils to requirement of each team. The Lakers already have a rising point guard in Jordan Clarkson but have an urgent requirement at the 3 spot, which can be filled by Parker. The Bucks already have Michael Carter-Williams as their floor general but Russell would be an instant upgrade. Also, Russell will get to be tutored by Jason Kidd – one of the greatest point guards ever.

Obviously, it would take a lot of courage for either team to pull off such a monumental trade. Remember, the Lakers could draft Brandon Ingram or Ben Simmons to fill the void at the wing spot. But what if they fail to secure that draft pick? Who will play at the 3 next year?

Stay tuned for latest NBA Trade Rumors.

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  • ndongo

    the lakers media gone mad. they have become worse than the new York area media one of the reason why the Nicks cannot prosper. The lakers media is part of the reason why Gasol is in Chicago, Gasol’s brother in Memphis didn’t even wanted to give the Lakers a chance to speak to him, I am suspecting the reason why Dwight Howard’s wife was so mad at the lakers media that it may have influenced the reason why he had to leave . Who wants to play for a team in the past few years that terrorise his players with trade rumors without merci all the time. we understand this is a business where team have to make decision to make their teams better. there is a reason why the lakers drafted D Angelo at number two. We are now starting to see his potential there fore we need to see this potential fully developed. what is this story about trading him. even thought it may no havet any thing to do with the management but that suggestion alone is enough to cause fier and panic . those are the last thing the lakers need at this point. What has happened to this team entourage? this team used to be the best of the best. a team where every player was dreaming to come and play. now the lakers have become a team good players are afraid to come play for. change your behavior Lakers meDia something is wrong with this picture. are you here to help the lakers recruit better players or to prevent the lakers from prospering. the question is to asked. we have to ask that question. thy have become so negative to a point where it is scary. real scary