NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Durant To Clippers For Blake Griffin?

NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Durant To Clippers For Blake Griffin?
Kevin Durant Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Before you scoff at this potential trade, read the following report carefully. As calls for a Blake Griffin trade grow louder, according to NBA trade rumors, the Los Angeles Clippers could conjure up the courage to move their superstar Power Forward.


Stranger things have happened in the NBA.

If league executives around the league are to be believed, Kevin Durant will leave OKC in free agency this summer. If Durant bails, the Thunder would be left with a void that is impossible to fill.

By trading Durant ahead of the February 18 deadline, they secure their future since Griffin has two years left on his contract after this season. Thunder wouldn’t need to worry until 2019.

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Thunder’s GM, Sam Presti, doesn’t refrain from making the big trades. In 2012, Presti ignored the collective outcry from Oklahoma City fans and traded James Harden. Presti comes across as a guy who puts the interest of the franchise before the interest of a fanbase.

Why the trade makes sense….

Why would Durant thrive in L.A.? There are a multitude of reasons. 1) He would be fed the ball by Chris Paul – arguably the greatest floor general since John Stockton. 2) He would no longer have to share “the big shots” with Russell Westbrook. 3) He spends most of his off-season in Los Angeles.

Why would Griffin thrive in OKC? 1) He is a native of Oklahoma City: being closer to home can elevate one’s game. 2) He has reportedly built a great relationship with Russell Westbrook during Team USA camps. 3) Griffin can focus on his game in a small market town – away from the bright lights of L.A. where his journey could have ended on a sour note.

Do the salaries match?

ESPN Trade Machine: Approves.

Acclaimed ESPN writer Zach Lowe has made a  very interesting case for Griffin’s trade. A few days ago, we explored three possible trades for the former No.1 overall draft pick. Needless to say, Durant wasn’t one of those suggested trades.

As a Thunder fan, look at from this perspective: would you rather risk losing a franchise player than secure a foundational piece (who happens to be a native) for the next few years?

As a Clippers fan, look at from this perspective: wouldn’t you rather gamble with a player on the last year of his deal – just so your franchise has a shot at beating the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs? Don’t forget that you also secure Durant’s Bird Rights if the hypothetical trade comes through.

Stay tuned for latest NBA trade rumors.

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