NBA Trade Rumors: Kenneth Faried To Lakers Confirmed?

NBA Trade Rumors: Kenneth Faried To Lakers Confirmed?
Kenneth Faried Howcheng/Wikipedia Commons CC

The Lakers and Nuggets are working on a trade that would send Kenneth Faried and Gary Harris to Los Angeles and the pair of Julius Randle and Nick Young to Denver, per several reports.


It’s no secret that the Nuggets have been actively shopping Faried, who averaged only 25.3 minutes per game last season despite starting 64 out of 67 games for coach Michael Malone.

Last month, Mile High Sports reported that “it’s only a matter of time before a deal is worked to ship Faried out as it seems a breakup is evident.”

Kenneth Faried to Los Angeles?

According to Denver beat writer Aniello Piro, the Nuggets view Faried as “the odd man out in the winning formula they are attempting to build.”

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The rumored trade between the Lakers and Nuggets has picked up steam over the last week or so.

It has got fans of both teams discussing the possibilities. Daniel C. Lewis of SB Nation is of the opinion that while the hypothetical trade would benefit the Lakers, it would be a bad transaction for the Nuggets, who won 30 games last season.

“Making this trade would be a mistake. Randle isn’t a starter for the Lakers, a team that won so many games they had the second-worst record in the league last season. Young is a trash player, a chucker with serious off-court issues. He would be more harmful to the Nuggets chemistry than a fork jammed into an electrical socket,” opined Lewis.

Bad trade for Denver?

Even this Nugg Love writer reckons that the Nuggets would be giving up too much to acquire Randle, who has had only one full season under his belt after suffering a season-ending injury in his rookie year.

Gary Harris, the 21-year-old from Michigan state, averaged 12.3 points last season, and was extremely impressive during the Summer League. While the Randle-Faried trade seems fair, the Lakers would probably have to give up another asset to acquire Harris.

Would Kenneth Faried prove to be a good fit alongside Timofey Mozgov in the Lakers frontcourt?

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