NBA Trade Rumors: Houston Rockets Eyeing Rudy Gay To Replace Michael Beasley?

NBA Trade Rumors: Houston Rockets Eyeing Rudy Gay To Replace Michael Beasley?
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Rudy Gay is good as gone from the Sacramento Kings after this season, sparking a lot of potential team destinations around the NBA. Gay is a proven scorer who can be a big lift scoring-wise, something that many teams would likely welcome.


So far, one team that Rudy Gay was reportedly interested in is the Miami Heat. The team is currently on rebuilding mode so adding a scorer like him could make sense. But the question there is how will Pat Riley be able to strike a deal with the 30-year-old star who is carries a hefty price?

Houston Rockets could come in

While a possible stint with the Heat is still up in the air, another team who could use Gay would be the Houston Rockets. Michael Beasley was recently dealt to the Milwaukee Bucks for Tyler Ennis, possibly leaving a slot open for a scoring forward.

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Seeing a tandem of James Harden and Rudy Gay brings up a lot of scoring options, something the Rockets found erratic last season.

Before going that far, it would be best to note first if Harden and Gay can get on the same page. Obviously this will mean shared touches on the ball and everyone knows how Harden holds the ball longer than perhaps anyone in the ballclub.

Gay thrives on transition and can be creative offensively when he wants to. But will Harden give in to Gay and allow him to operate?

Even if the Rockets land Gay, there are some precedents that need to be answered. Harden is still the star in Houston so Gay may undergo a bit of adjustment as far as his role is concerned.

Nevertheless, this is nothing more than a speculation on which team Gay could possibly land. The Rockets do have an opening but fitting Gay into the mix somehow carries some kinks.

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