NBA Trade Rumors: Hawks Getting Rudy Gay, Ben McLemore In Latest Trade Scenario

NBA Trade Rumors: Hawks Getting Rudy Gay, Ben McLemore In Latest Trade Scenario
Rudy Gay Michael Tipton / Flickr cc

The Atlanta Hawks could add more firepower with the addition of gunners like Rudy Gay andBen McLemore while also unloading big men that head coach Mike Budenholzer is unlikely to utilize.


Taking Flight

With Dwight Howard on board, the Hawks would be wise to add a couple of gunners that can complement the Hawks game. Paul Millsap and Kyle Korver are still there but adding two offensive socks could add flexibility to Budenholzer’s rotation.

Seeing how the Hawks have lot of big men at their disposal, picking sensible ones that can interest the Kings is the intent. And from the mix, Tiago Splitter and Thabo Sefalosha loom as the ones likely to interest Sacramento.

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In the trade scenario suggested by Soaring Down South, the deal would include Tiago Splitter, Thabo Sefolosha, Mike Muscala and a conditional pick from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The first three names are proven bangers who could aid Cousins up front. But the question now is do the Kings really need all of them?

Adding Bangers

Rudy Gay and Ben McLemore are two names who have been floated in potential trades. Both have garnered interest though nothing has come to fruition.

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The two are seen as potentially on the way out following the addition of Arron Afflalo and Garrett Temple. Both have not really shone in a Kings uniform so adding a couple of bodies to complement DeMarcus Cousins could be a good idea for Sacramento.

From afar, the deal looks more than enough to benefit the Kings. But looking at their lineup, some players may end up being cut. Depending on the call of Joerger, the need right now is for role players but the names involved may be too much.

This trade scenario looks credible but the players involved may be tweaked a bit despite the value of Gay and McLemore.

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