NBA Trade Rumors: Clippers Eyeing Chris Paul Trade?

NBA Trade Rumors: Clippers Eyeing Chris Paul Trade?
Los Angeles Clippers Michael / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

The fourth team in the Western Conference are looking for a way out. Aiming for a broader horizon, the Clippers could make some bold moves in the next six months. Chris Paul is on the cards for trade.


If Steve Ballmer, the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, is content with this level of success, then the current roster is perfect. But if they are eyeing for the Conference finals, some bold moves are required in the trade market.

The current Clippers roster under head coach and president Doc Rivers did an excellent job for the last five seasons. Though they made small mistakes, they got away with them to compete with the likes of the Spurs, Warriors, Thunder, Rockets and the Grizzlies.

The Clippers have power forward Blake Griffin, who will start next season at 27, and DeAndre Jordan, who turns 28. Another All-Star, point guard Chris Paul, shall be 31 next season.

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Paul will become a free agent in 2017, and Clippers won’t have any control over his movements in the trade market. A Jordan trade last summer was a similar case. Paul will push for a maximum large contract to earn a few extra dollars. Griffin also becomes a free agent in 2017 and shall eye a maximum contract.

So the Clippers have a way to move Paul ahead of the 2016 trade deadline to secure a strong return and get rid of future concerns for 2017. The acquiring team gets 16 months worth of service from Chris Paul, which is enough to draw interest.

Sources hint at Clippers making a multiplayer trade before the February 18 deadline. Will Paul be included in that?