NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, Houston Rockets Among Possible Destinations for Rudy Gay

NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, Houston Rockets Among Possible Destinations for Rudy Gay
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Most teams are looking for trade now that most top NBA free agents are now off the market. Because of this, Sacramento Kings forward Rudy Gay has emerged as an interesting choice, following word that the team has made him available for trade.


Word of Gay’s availability came out in the open a couple of days ago. Aside from Gay, the Kings are reportedly dangling Kosta Koufos and Ben McLemore, ESPN reported.

Chicago Bulls interested

The Chicago Bulls are reportedly interested in acquiring Gay,  but it may still depend on the salary room they will still have. The Bulls are expected to use up most of the team salary budget on Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo.

Wade is expected to sign the $48 million contract spread for two years, opting for that instead of the Denver Nuggets $52 million pitch for the same stretch. On the other hand, Rondo is expected to get $28 million for two years.

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Rockets, Heat and Raptors in play

With limited cap space to facilitate a trade, the Bulls may have to wait and see what Gay decides. Other teams are also in the mix such as the Houston Rockets, Miami Heat and the Toronto Raptors.

The Heat could be a logical choice, a team which has housed veteran stars. The problem is that money could be a problem unless Gay would be willing to take a pay cut. Seeing the skyrocketing salaries, that is unlikely to happen.

The Raptors is another team that should be interesting. However, playing time could be an issue if Gay decides to team up with James Harden in Houston. The Rockets are still a possible landing spot for Gay, but he may have to live with limited touches with Harden expected to get majority of the spheroid in games.

The four teams could be interesting landing spots for Gay with money and playing time likely to be the determining factor. If the Kings receive an attractive offer, there is also a strong chance Gay will be packaged alongside Koufos and McLemore in trades.

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