NBA Trade Rumors: Celtics Could End Up Acquiring Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook in Blockbuster Deal

NBA Trade Rumors: Celtics Could End Up Acquiring Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook in Blockbuster Deal
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The Boston Celtics have the necessary assets to acquire both Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook in blockbuster trades with the Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder. The potential three-team deal could also see Paul Pierce returning to the parquet floor.


Several teams have expressed interest in trading for Westbrook due to his reluctance to sign an extension with the Thunder. The top three destinations for the mercurial point guard are the Houston Rockets, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics.

Howard Beck of Bleacher Report said Boston is the most likely destination for Westbrook. The Celtics have young pieces to trade for him, but they also have a stellar supporting cast for him when he arrives.

Boston is also a potential landing spot Blake Griffin. Doc Rivers and the Clippers have high praises for the explosive power forward. However, he has been missing games this past season because of injuries and off court shenanigans. The team has also proven it can win long stretches of games without him.

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Trade rumors emerged this week claiming the Celtics, Clippers and Sacramento Kings were busy negotiating a three-team trade. The deal reportedly involves the Celtics giving up majority of its future draft picks and Jae Crowder to acquire Griffin. Boston sportswriter Bob Ryan believes the Celtics should pull the trigger on the deal.

“Blake Griffin is a wonderful talent and the idea of him playing for Brad Stevens, now I’m excited,” Ryan said on the CSNNE podcast. “He’s a fantastic talent. He’s had some health issues, but he is still young and can still get better. He is fantastic; now we would be talking.”

Celtics Hub noted that the loss of Crowder would mean the Celtics will be without a starting-caliber small forward. It would be highly ideal if they can also acquire Paul Pierce from the Clippers.

The 18-year veteran may not be the most aggressive defender around, but he provides stability and maturity to the team. Needless to say, these are attributes a roster with Russell Westbrook and Blake Griffin badly need.

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