NBA Trade Rumors: Cavs, Knicks Interested In Jamal Crawford Trade

NBA Trade Rumors: Cavs, Knicks Interested In Jamal Crawford Trade
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Will Los Angeles Clippers’ point guard Jamal Crawford return to New York Knicks?


The Knicks’ management is considering to target the former Sixth Man of The Year, according to sources.

Crawford had been a Knick earlier in 2004, when then-president Isiah Thomas acquired him from the Chicago Bulls. In 2008, when Thomas was fired in 2008, his successor Donnie Walsh traded him to the Golden State Warriors in 2008.

The free agent guard is also a trade target of the Cleveland Cavaliers, assuming J.R. Smith isn’t returning there. Miami Heat has also shown interest in Crawford.

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Rumors growing louder

Why are the Knicks so eager to bring Crawford back in New York?

The answer could be:

“Crawford has maintained close ties with several high ranking officials in the organization, including Garden Chairman James Dolan and Isiah Thomas, who currently runs the Liberty.”

The Knicks management had a pleasant offseason this summer and improved their roster considerably. Jamal Crawford could be another addition to further boost it. The veteran guard has a career record of 15.6 points per game and could add much needed scoring off the bench.

Three points could become very important for the trade to materialize.

1. Phil Jackson is the current president at Knicks and appears to be guiding the team in the right direction. But his recent past needs to be kept in mind also.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers are also pursuing Crawford, with J.R. Smith gone out their hands.

3. The Clippers could still keep him. With Lance Stephenson, the match appears to be weird, but the newcomer has recently spoken about playing together.