NBA Trade Rumors: Cavs Eye DeMarcus Cousins For Kevin Love, Timofey Mozgov

NBA Trade Rumors: Cavs Eye DeMarcus Cousins For Kevin Love, Timofey Mozgov
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With a Kevin Love trade imminent, Cleveland Cavaliers GM David Griffin has begun exploring possible options to land a superstar in a blockbuster trade ahead of the February 18 deadline. According to latest NBA trade rumors, Cavs have their eye on Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins.


Love has failed to fit into the Cleveland Cavaliers’ system, especially while playing alongside Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. Even though Cousins and Kings coach George Karl have worked through their differences this season, it’s almost a guarantee that the former Kentucky product would leave the team in free agency in a few years.

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Cousins has been involved in NBA trade rumors ever since Karl took over as coach of the Kings. If the teams agree to this deal, Love will get the opportunity to shine as a go-to option in his home state of California. Also, Cousins would enjoy a career re-birth under the leadership of LeBron James.

Playing with LeBron…

Cousins, drafted by the Kings in 2011, has never sniffed the post-season. With the Cavs, the talented big man would shoot into instant relevancy and get to contend for championships. Cousins is considered a “head case” due to his disciplinary issues. In the past, LeBron has done wonders while mentoring similar players, namely JR Smith – who was traded by Knicks to Cavs last season.

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As far as Love is concerned, the power forward will be better off playing with an up-and-coming team. Love would fit perfectly into Karl’s pick-and-pop plays, and more importantly, wouldn’t need to play Stretch 4 like he has done with the Cavs. If anything, the Kings’ offense would revolve around Love posting up. Also, Love and Rajon Rondo are good friends outside the court.

Mozgov-Koufos swap…

Timofey Mozgov has been on the trading block for several weeks. Even though the Cavs have a trade exception in excess of $12 million (after offloading Brendon Haywood and Mike Miller in the summer), the Kings would be forced to add a piece or two for the salaries to match. According to the ESPN Trade Machine, the Kings would need to add Kosta Koufos into the mix for a successful transaction. It would be a win-win situation since Cavs would get a solid back-up Center to fill the void left by Mozgov.

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  • Jon Colon

    Cleveland gets

    Sacramento gets
    And the 12+mil trade exception so they can get another trade…..

    This trade works perfectly by the numbers and can even have a 3rd team added if teams want to move different pieces……

    • Warren

      But how would Cavs accommodate Gay in the starting unit? With Boogie-Tristan-LeBron they are set at the 5-4-3. Gay can’t play the 2. He is a natural 3 or 4. I think Gay won’t fit in.

      • Jon Colon

        Starting lineup

        Double T off the bench…..
        Or if need be rotate bron and gay based on the size of the oppositions 4…….this would make the rotation very versatile much more so then now

        • Warren

          LeBron at PF is really effective. That I have to agree with. During his days with Miami, he shot close to 60% playing at the 4. But would TT be okay getting benched? The guy got paid 80+ million.

          • Jon Colon

            Remember he took that extension with love and mosgov here so it’s no different he already knew about being a bench player which is why I never understood paying both Double T and love they should have chosen one but hey whatever it’s a 80mil bench player

          • Warren

            seriously man. all the guy does is rebound. but he would be crucial come playoff time. he’s got toughness. something love lacks.

          • ShowOff41

            He’s been benched most of the year and most of the run with LeBron James. He’s a team player. He wouldn’t mind.

  • Warren

    If this trade happens, Cleveland will once again be title favorites. I have no doubt about that. Boogie and Tristan in the middle means lots of offensive rebounds. LeBron and Kyrie will be more effective from the perimeter.