NBA Trade Rumors: Brook Lopez For Eric Bledsoe, Why It Makes Sense For Nets, Suns

NBA Trade Rumors: Brook Lopez For Eric Bledsoe, Why It Makes Sense For Nets, Suns
Eric Bledsoe Joseph Glorioso / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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What's This?

The Brooklyn Nets are ready for the coming NBA wars, but the question now is on whether Brook Lopez is a fit to the system of Kenny Atkinson.


For obvious reasons, Lopez is the star player of the Nets even with the coming of Jeremy Lin. Rather than debate on who the best is, the two could account for a promising ‘mutt-and-jeff’ combo that other teams have had success with in the past.

But what if a team offers an interesting trade bait on the table? A team like the Phoenix Suns could do so and the selling point would be Eric Bledsoe and maybe some other guys like Tyson Chandler or Alex Len?

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Does It Makes Sense For The Nets?

At first glance, it seems like crazy idea. The Nets do need more guards, but adding Bledsoe could negate the signing of Lin. Chandler could be an interesting add, someone who has been known for his tenacious rebounding and shot-blocking.

Lopez is a good player but his durability is in question. His foot injuries have been a cause for concern though he is effective when healthy. Bledsoe is added firepower though the Nets are unlikely to give this scenario much thought.

Phoenix Suns Needs A Big Guy

The scenario is entirely different for the Phoenix Suns. They have an overcrowded backcourt so unloading some excess baggage could help.

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Devin Booker is seen as the up and rising Sun that somehow displaces Bledsoe from the mix. Parting with Chandler for Lopez will have repercussions as well. While the defensive side of the Suns will take a hit, it hones up the offensive end.

Lopez is an all-star and can add help up front but would it be the right call? Right now the trade scenario seems an unstable one though all of it may change once the two teams kick off their respective campaigns.

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