NBA Trade News: Ty Lawson Gets Minimal Response In Trade Market

NBA Trade News: Ty Lawson Gets Minimal Response In Trade Market
Washington Wizards v/s Denver Nuggets January 25, 2011 Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

The Houston Rockets invested on troubled point guard Ty Lawson this summer, giving up nothing too valuable. It was considered a high-rewarding, low-risk trade. But now they are getting minimal response in the trade market for the struggling point guard.


The Rockets were aiming to feature in the Conference and NBA finals this season but has suffered early-season jolts which led to the firing of coach Kevin McHale after only 11 games. James Harden has struggled to develop an on-court combination with Ty Lawson. The Rockets are now living dangerously, featuring at the bottom half of the Conference table, which is wide open.

So Lawson is a flop at Houston, and the Rockets are trying to move him. But the franchise is struggling in the trade market to find a new destiny for the player. The point guard in alcohol rehab landed in Houston from the Denver Nuggets in July. According to sources, the response in the trade market is minimal, and the best option for Houston is to hold onto him for a while.

The 28-year-old guard has already agreed to make his $13.2 million salary in 2016-17 season non-guaranteed to facilitate trade. But it couldn’t draw any interest.

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“The only team that makes sense already has Rajon Rondo,” an Eastern Conference executive revealed. “There’s no market.”

The Rockets in seller’s mode continue to struggle, but they are patient about moving both Lawson and Dwight Howard.