NBA Trade News: Terrico White Agrees To Sign With Phoenix Suns

NBA Trade News: Terrico White Agrees To Sign With Phoenix Suns
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Free agent point guard Terrico White has agreed to sign a contract with the Phoenix Suns, according to league sources.


Daniel Hazan of Hazan Sports Management, White’s agent, confirmed the deal via text on Thursday. The contract details aren’t revealed.

White is Hazan’s third client this season after Elijah Millsap signing for Utah Jazz and Jarrid Famous for Dallas Mavericks.

White was the no 36 overall pick to the Pistons in NBA Draft 2010, though he never played for them due to a preseason injury. He played the last three years overseas.

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Terrico White, The Point Guard

During his stint at Enisey in Russia, White averaged 11.4 points, 3.4 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 42 games in 2014-15.

Earlier, 25-year-old White spent time in the roster for Detroit and New Orleans in NBA.

White starred in his sophomore season with Ole Miss before making himself available for the draft. He ranked ninth in the SEC in scoring at 15.1 points per game.

Why Terrico White?

Markieff Morris’ “anger” has taken a toll on the entire Suns’ team. They might trade him, or pacify him to stay in their roster without causing any further damage.

The Phoenix Suns aren’t sitting back, as they’re in the hunt for alternatives. Thus came Terrico White, the point guard.

It’s unlikely that White will get much of a guarantee in his contract. But the 6-foot-5 gets an opportunity to stick with Suns this season. Moreover, his shooting prowess will be tested in NBA.

The Suns currently have 13 players in their roster, all under guaranteed deal.