NBA Trade News: Raptors Eyeing Power Forward Zach Randolph For Playoffs

NBA Trade News: Raptors Eyeing Power Forward Zach Randolph For Playoffs
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The Toronto Raptors are eyeing a playoff berth. Currently ranked 3rd in the Eastern Conference, the Raptors are keen to boost their roster keeping in mind the tough competition of the playoffs.


Jonas Valanciunas’ injury has hit the Raptors hard. Another guy they have relied upon was Terrence Ross, who is terribly out of form. Now there’s a desperate need for someone in the power forward position. And GM Masai Ujiri is looking forward to rope in Zach Randolph in the coming trade window starting from December 15.

Randolph is an effective inside scorer and rebounder who could be a suitable option for the Raptors. The Memphis Grizzlies has recovered from the jolts they suffered earlier this season but are looking forward to move a few big names. Randolph tops that list. During Sunday’s loss against the Heat, the Grizzlies benched Randolph. His playing minutes will diminish more as the Grizzlies are adapting to a new game-style. So, a trade is likely on the cards.

The Raptors get an opportunity to dispose of Terrence Ross and land 34-year-old experienced customer Zach Randolph. Toronto looks forward to bank on the Power forward’s toughness against the Atlanta Hawks and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Randolph, though, is viewed as a short-term solution, but in the trade, the Raptors won’t lose any guys they want to retain.


  • Steve

    “Jonas Valanciunas’ injury has hit the Raptors hard”? The Raptors are 9-3 without Jonas and 7-6 with him. That says it all and whoever said the Raptors are in a difficult spot couldn’t have been more wrong. The Raptors schedule has also been tougher since Jonas’s injury. With Jonas the Raptors were putting up 101 points per game and allowing 98 per game. Since he’s been out were putting up less at 98 points per game but only allowing 92 per game!! This is a great problem to have because Jonas could potentially land us a really nice player who could take this team to the next level. Guy’s like Batum, Thaddeus Young, and Derrick Favors(who’s been linked to Toronto) would all be great fits Toronto.

    • Dr Scooby

      Actually they are 8-6 with JV in the game.
      Since The 5 – 0 start, (which JV played), the team has gone 11-9 in the past 20 games…that tells me JV or no JV this team has holes…and they’re likely in the front court. Not opposed to trading JV for the right deal, but dude is underused offensively and gets less than 9 shots off a game but scores nearly 13 pts (compare that to Scola!). His PER is around 20…I don’t think trading a developing 23 year old center is a priority. A PF on the other hand would be good. This would push Scola to the Bench where he can help stabilize the 2nd unit.

      • Steve

        I’m not opposed to keeping Jonas but as you said we need a PF badly and Jonas could land us a very good one. My biggest issue with Jonas is his low post defense which consistently makes me want to pull my hair out. In my opinion having Biyombo in protecting the paint has been a breathe of fresh air and the stats back that up. Now with the emergence Noguiera I think Jonas is expandable and could potentially land us the starting PF we desperately need. Young or Favors would be my first choice with Gibson, Faried and Randolph next in line. Landing one of these players like you said would push Scola to the bench and stabilize our second unit while solidifying our starters.

        • Dr Scooby

          I don’t think it is reasonable to assume Biyombo can take on full time duty at Center and Bebe as backup after so little time.

          Despite his strong defense, Biyombo has gravely serious offensive limitations which will become increasingly apparent as opposing teams adjust and game plan accordingly.

          Bebe, well, this experiment so far can be measured in minutes, certainly not enough time to actually know if he can be a fixture yet or not.

          Also, even if the Raptors acquired a Young, Favors, Gibson, Faried or Randolph…they’re is no guarantee the team would be much improved. If fact Gibson and Randolph’s games are looking OLD this season and Faried, Favors and Young are not exactly defensive shut down players.

          And Lastly, none of these guys you mention can spread the floor with their shooting (possibly Young). If Biyombo is sitting in the paint (because he has no jumper), what are Randolph or Favors going to be doing?The spacing on the offensive end would suffer.

  • RapFan99

    Whyw ould we want Randolph? His game is going extinct. That would be a horrible trade for the raptors.IF anything they should go after Boogie.