NBA Trade News: Portland Trail Blazers Are Eyeing Ricky Rubio As Damian Lillard’s Pair

NBA Trade News: Portland Trail Blazers Are Eyeing Ricky Rubio As Damian Lillard’s Pair
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Ricky Rubio is labelled as a odd man out in the Minnesota Timberwolves roster by many analysts. The Timberwolves are depending on youth forces this season. Point guard Rubio just doesn’t fit in.


The Timberwolves are still exploring resources to trade off Ricky Rubio. Tyus Jones and Zach Lavine, two young and promising guards, are there in Minnesota’s roster to replace the Spaniard.

Veteran NBA scribe Ric Bucher recently wrote, “I’m hearing that the Minnesota Timberwolves are actually look at potentially moving off of Rubio at this point. They’ve seen enough, and they do not believe that he is the future, in spite of the fact that he’s only 24. Now, they’ve tested the trade waters.

“I’m hearing that they’re quiet right now, but that they could return to looking to see what they could get for Rubio once the season begins and some things shake out for some other teams, because they don’t have any specific trade partners at the moment.”

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Rubio has already proven his worth as one of the most potential guards in the league. The Spaniard averages 8.2 points. The New York Knicks have already shown interest in Rubio. But the problem with Phil Jackson and the Knicks is that they don’t have any players to trade for him.

The Portland Trail Blazers have entered the arena with serious intentions of roping in Rubio. The Blazers have agreed to seal a long-term lucrative deal with Damian Lillard, who is more viewed as a high-scoring off-guard than a natural playmaker like Rubio. Portland think-tank is planning to play Lillard alongside Rubio for the coming season as an effective strategy. The Spanish star has a career FG clip of 35 percent and 25 percent from the three-point line.

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