NBA Trade News: Pistons Interested In Trading Markieff Morris

NBA Trade News: Pistons Interested In Trading Markieff Morris
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His twin brother Marcus was traded off to the Detroit Pistons, which created a rift between Markieff and the Phoenix Suns. The Pistons are keeping a tab on the situation with an intent to land Markieff at Detroit.


Marcus joined the Pistons this offseason. Markieff Morris desperately demanded trade earlier, but has reported to the Suns camp recently. He also revealed that he wants to stay back at Suns, as reported earlier by Morning News USA.

Markieff has realized that the Suns aren’t going to trade him anyways. Tyson Chandler, who was brought in to fill the leadership void in the locker room, would oppose such decision.

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Pistons can keep on monitoring the situations, but there are reasons why Keef could turn out to be a happy player at Phoenix this season. He has already said that his aim is to guide his side to the playoffs. Keef’s recent comments no doubt were a complete 180-degree turnaround.

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One more thing that could keep Markieff Morris at Suns is that he feels this is the best ever Suns squad he has ever been in. The promising star gets a perfect platform to improve as a player.