NBA Trade News: Jordan Clarkson To Receive Pay Hike This Off-season

NBA Trade News: Jordan Clarkson To Receive Pay Hike This Off-season
Jordan Clarkson Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

The Los Angeles Lakers are having a dismal run this season and are out of the reckoning for the NBA playoffs. But Jordan Clarkson has been a consistent performer. He has scored with accuracy; thus, he is going to be rewarded after the season.


The league’s salary cap will increase from $70 million to $90 million next season. Kobe Bryant has retired. The Lakers will get rid of his $25 million package as well as Roy Hibbert’s $15.6 million salary bill. Moreover, the Lakers only have 7 players under contract for the 2016-17 season, for which the combined cost is $26.3 million.

Clarkson’s steady show has already evoked interest in the trade market. He is expected to get decent offers, and the Lakers will also invest handsomely to retain their promising star for a long-term. So Clarkson is going to get a pay hike as a free agent after making $845,000 this season. The pay looks less than what he has delivered. Clarkson was a second-round pick of the Lakers in the 2014 draft and has a two-year contract.

The 23-year-old Clarkson will be included in the Gilbert Arenas provision of the league next summer, which means other teams would only be able to make limited offers for him. There, Los Angeles Lakers will get an advantage to retain their most improved guy, possessing a “make it happen” mindset with a decent pay hike.

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