NBA Trade News: Jeremy Lin As Pair Of Stephen Curry, Warriors Flirting With Idea For Future

NBA Trade News: Jeremy Lin As Pair Of Stephen Curry, Warriors Flirting With Idea For Future
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The Golden State Warriors want Jeremy Lin in a greater role in their star-studded roster in near future. They had plans of pairing Linsanity with MVP Stephen Curry this season only.


Accordingly, they offered Lin this summer, but the point-guard preferred Charlotte Hornets.

Jeremy Lin admitted that he received an offer from his home state team, Golden State. But the former Knicks star felt his role would be limited in the reigning champions’ roster, and he chose the Hornets over Warriors because he wanted to play a significant role for a winning team.

Theist Lin feels landing in Charlotte was god’s plan, as he revealed in nypost.

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“Funny how God works things out. Charlotte wasn’t on the top-six list, but I ended up here. That’s how it ends up for me. It always ends up the way I never imagined. Ever. I wasn’t surprised. I’ll be surprised when things are pretty smooth and clear.”

Lin’s show captivated the world at New York Knicks in 2012, the phase known as Linsanity. Lin though doesn’t deny the greatness of the Warriors.

“I entertained it [pertaining to Warriors’ offer]. I just felt like they had something great going there, and if I went there, it would be a very limited role. I felt like, ‘I’m 27 now.’ I want to find where I can be as big a part of a successful team as I can.”

Klay Thompson’s dad, former NBA star Mychal Thompson feels that Lin could be a great fit for Steve Kerr’s side in near future. Lin and MVP Curry would be great pair, as they share the same attitude, according to experts.

Lin’s current contract with Hornets runs down for two years, well he could soon feature in his hometown California.



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