NBA Trade News: Grizzlies Negotiating Mario Chalmers Trade With Miami Heat

NBA Trade News: Grizzlies Negotiating Mario Chalmers Trade With Miami Heat
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Miami Heat center Mario Chalmers is under the Memphis Grizzlies’ radar. According to reports, Chalmers is holding talks with Grizzlies.


After struggling in the early phase of the League, where they lost by 30 points to Cleveland Cavaliers and 50 points to Golden State Warriors, the Grizzlies think-tank is keen to boost their roster.

Chalmers has been available throughout the offseason in the trade market. Chalmer signed a two-year deal with Miami Heat in 2014 and is expected to make $4.3 million this season. The Grizzlies could trade Beno Udrih.

Miami signed point guard Goran Dragic to a long-term deal this summer. This makes veteran Chalmers available throughout the league. Chalmers was the 34th overall pick in the 2008 draft.

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Miami is going to finalize Josh Richardson and Tyler Johnson as back-court reserves and will be looking for a luxury tax slice.

“It’s definitely been tough, but I’m built like that for tough moments, to deal with things,” Chalmers said in an interview regarding his situation in the Heat. “I’ve always had the odds stacked against me. That’s what made me who I am.”

Chalmers also added, “Especially with the way things have been going, I’ve got to prove every day why I’m here, why I’ve got two championship rings, why I was a starting point guard on two championship teams, So I’ve just got to keep proving myself.”