NBA Trade News: Detroit Pistons May Trade Off Brandon Jennings, Steve Blake

NBA Trade News: Detroit Pistons May Trade Off Brandon Jennings, Steve Blake
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Detroit Pistons could trade point-guards Brandon Jennings and Steve Blake before the annual trading deadline in February, according to reports.


Trading point-guards is the most likely option for the Pistons’ management in the 2015-16 NBA season, and Detroit reportedly plans to move before the trading deadline.

Reggie Jackson, Spencer Dinwiddie, Jennings and Blake are the four point-guards the Pistons have in their roster. Jennings is currently recovering from an Achilles injury. When he returns, the Pistons would be trading one of their four guards, and Jennings and Blake are the most likely options.

“Trade possibilities are pinning the needle at point guard,” MLive wrote. “It’s difficult to imagine the Pistons not making a deal there. It might not happen until closer to the February trade deadline, but once Jennings returns, the Pistons could have three reserve point guards with trade value.”

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25-year-old point-guard Jennings will be playing in the final year of his contract that guarantees him an $8.34 million salary. The franchises consider this as a team-friendly contract, despite Jennings suffering a ruptured Achilles last season.

During 2013-14 season, which was Jennings’ first at Detroit after spending four years with the Milwaukee Bucks, he averaged 15.5 and career high 7.6 assists per game. The veteran guard also averaged 15.5 points and 6.6 assists last season prior to sustaining the injury.

Jennings’ name featured in many trade rumors since the Pistons acquired Reggie Jackson in a trade with Oklahoma this offseason.