NBA Trade News: Derrick Rose Still Eager To Return To Chicago Bulls

NBA Trade News: Derrick Rose Still Eager To Return To Chicago Bulls
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Since the rumors of New York Knicks pursuing him are growing louder, Derrick Rose revealed that he is still eager to return to Chicago Bulls. Rose has often been riddled with injuries during his time with the Bulls.


Rose sustained another injury at his knee and was taken to the locker room during Tuesday’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Bulls fell to the Bucks 106-101 after that. The Bulls dropped to 22-15 but remain in the playoff position.

Rose, who becomes a free agent in 2017, is keen on staying with the Bulls. His warm relationship with the city of Chicago has been under scrutiny over the years.

Rose said, “Never. Never. I can’t get mad about peoples’ opinions, I always say that. That’s their opinion. They got every right to say or think whatever they want to say and think. And whatever they say and think don’t affect my life. I don’t live in that world where I’m on social media, I don’t got social media. Or I’m reading articles [about my game], so it’s like I hear stuff by word of mouth a couple of days after so it never gets to me. So I can’t get mad about what they say.”

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Rose also dismissed serious talks of joining any other team.

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