NBA Trade News: Chicago Bulls May Trade Pau Gasol To Knicks

NBA Trade News: Chicago Bulls May Trade Pau Gasol To Knicks
Photo Credit: Michael Tipton via Compfight cc

Joakim Noah. Pao Gasol. The Chicago Bulls are looking for trade options for their big names. Gasol had earlier revealed that he wants to leave Chicago at the end of this season.


The New York Knicks are eyeing the experienced Spaniard from the Bulls. Gasol has played with Phil Jackson and is aware of the triangle offense. Gasol is a great passer, which is required for effective implementation of the triangle offense. At 35, the Spaniard is a decent scorer, too.

According to legendary Kobe Bryant, the Knicks have failed to apply the triangle offense, which is lethal. The Knicks desperately require an experienced point guard. Gasol can also mentor Kristaps Porzingis. New York is also looking for a prolific scorer by trading off big man Robin Lopez. Rockets center Dwight Howard is on the cards. Howard has recently joined the 15,000 club in terms of scoring in the league.

Joakim Noah injured his right shoulder and is out for two weeks. His trade value has diminished drastically. So the Chicago Bulls are relying on Pau Gasol to draw bigger interests from other teams. The proposed move to the Knicks would reunite Gasol with the Knicks head coach Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson.

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