NBA All-Star Game: Eyes On Kobe Bryant Finale, Tyronn Lue Booed In Toronto

NBA All-Star Game: Eyes On Kobe Bryant Finale, Tyronn Lue Booed In Toronto
Bucks @ Lakers Staples Center 1/15/2013 Fido / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

The legend appears for the final All-Star show. Kobe Bryant’s Western Conference has won four of the past five All-Star games including last year’s. Bryant has a record four All-Star MVP awards in his crown.


Though West has dominated in the past, East holds the all-time record, leading 37-27. This is Kobe Bryant’s final series, as he plans to retire after this season. And all eyes are focused whether he could lead his side to another title. 2011 was the last time he won the All-Star MVP award.

In a high-scoring game, East had a slight edge after the first quarter in Air Canada Center on Sunday, leading by a narrow margin, but West bounced back to lead 92-90 at half-time.

Andre Drummond is the first Piston to play this All-star game since 2009. Drummond chases Isiah Thomas’ record of 1986, when Thomas clinched the MVP award as a Piston, reports Detroit Free Press.

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Meanwhile, Eastern Conference coach Tyronn Lue wasn’t well-received in Toronto. Lue has drawn wrath from not only Israelis but also from Canadians for “undermining” former Cavs head coach David Blatt. Lue replaced Blatt as Cavs’ coach last month.

Lue was booed after he was introduced to fans ahead of his Eastern Conference team’s practice session at at Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto on Saturday, according to the

Has he ever been projected as a villain? “No, I’ve always been great,” Lue said. “That’s why it’s a tough situation for me. Eighteen years in this league and having a clean image, being who I am on and off the court, it’s been difficult for me to go through this. But it’s something I have to go through now and we’ll see what happens.”

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  • PhilippePlip

    Do you really think the fans have something against Lue? The boos were a message to the NBA and that message was clearly that Casey was more deserving to coach the game since he have been the head coach for the season. For those saying Lue deserved it because he was on the coaching staff, my question is: Does all the coaching staff of the team is coaching the allstar game? If no then it’s clearly an individual award and then the coach that lead his team to the best record should be there. So Walton and Casey should’ve been the coaches.