NBA Special: Michael Jordan Hits Buzzer-Beater In Shootout With Jimmy Butler

NBA Special: Michael Jordan Hits Buzzer-Beater In Shootout With Jimmy Butler
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Michael Jordan is a legendary man of basketball; he featured for the Chicago Bulls during his illustrious NBA career.


Jimmy Butler is currently an All-star; far away from the status of a “legend.” But he’s a new face in the Chicago Bulls’ roster as a man fans could rest their hopes on for the coming NBA season.

Butler is rated as the best shooting guard the Bulls ever acquired since Michael Jordan retired following the 1997-98 season.

Jordan, an inspiration for every basketball players from rookies to All-stars is also known as MJ, and he currently is an entrepreneur. He is the owner of Charlotte Hornets.

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Jordan Vs Butler; Great Man Still Reigns

Michael Jordan’s Flight School basketball camp in Santa Barbara, California witnessed a mesmerizing shooting contest between the living legend and the current All-star on Sunday, aided by the rookie ballers of the school.

At 52, Jordan is still sharp. And his killer instinct is still alive. None is sure who won. It appears His Airness & Co. came out victorious by virtue of the kind of strokes and skills the great man still possesses.

Young Butler must have been thrilled with the brief stint he had with Jordan, which was the best opportunity to sharpen his skills ahead of he season. Butler won the award of Most Improved Player in 2014-15 season.

It’s August, and time is ripe for basketball training camps ahead of the final examination begins.

Perhaps the show could have been an extra motivation for the Charlotte Hornet owner to hire Butler in their training camp to upgrade the shooting prowess of a couple of his rookie players. The Chicago Bulls’ new All-star recruit surely impressed him.