NBA Schedule: Adam Silver Reduces Back-To-Backs In Regular Season Schedule

NBA Schedule: Adam Silver Reduces Back-To-Backs In Regular Season Schedule
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What's This?

The NBA’s new schedule is more player-friendly for sure.


The League released the regular season schedule on Wednesday. The prime emphasis has been given to reduce the number of back-to-back nights during the regular season.

The new schedule features only 27 cases of a team playing four games in five days, lowered by 61% from last season.

“Our focus was really on players’ rest and recuperation,” said Kiki VanDeWeghe, NBA’s senior vice president of operations. “We’ve worked hard with the teams, the broadcast partner and the venues to get the overall travel down and more time between games.”

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League Commissioner Adam Silver’s Agendas Maintained

Commissioner Adam Silver aims to reduce fatigue, wear and tear, including injuries, in a bid to increase the level of competition.

The key agendas the new schedule reflects are:

1. For each team, a slash of 17.8 percent back-to-backs.

2. Heavier reduction in long distance back-to-backs, from 111 last season to 84 this season; back-to-backs that cross a time zone have also been cut from 194 last season to 160 this season.

3. Four games in five days trimmed to .9 percent per team. Last season, it was 2.3 percent per team.

4. The number of miles traveled per team has also been shortened by 2 percent per team.

“It’s quite a task,” VanDeWeghe said. “You have 30 teams playing 82 games, and you’ve got 162 playing dates to get all that in.”

Reigning champions Golden State Warriors will start their campaign against the New Orleans Pelicans at home.

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