NBA Rumors: Zach Randolph To Boston Celtics In 2017?

NBA Rumors: Zach Randolph To Boston Celtics In 2017?
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The Boston Celtics hold an uncertain 2017, particularly in the power forward position. There is no assurance that Amir Johnson or Jonas Jerebko will stick around, both of whom may try their luck in free agency.


Zach Randolph is one of the big name free agents in 2017 though hooking him up could come at a price. He will be 36 by that time and will likely prioritize one-year deals. On the matter of salary, it may all depend on how this season pans out.

Dipping but still tough

Zach Randolph has seen a big dip in production last season but is still one of the tough and reliable players the NBA has today. He can still deliver when called upon though consistency leaves a lot to be desired.

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For the Celtics, adding him could be a good idea though “Z-Bo”, combining with Al Horford up front. He could be a credible short-term solution for the Celtics in the event that Johnson or other rising forwards in the roster jump ship.

Plight depends this season

The Memphis Grizzlies look to improve from last season, a rare occurrence where they failed to make the postseason wars. Injuries to key players like Marc Gasol played a big part in all that, plus the so-so performance of Randolph.

With the coming 2016-17 NBA wars being the last year, Randolph will need to push himself in an effort to draw attention for a new contract. The Grizzlies could retain him if he dishes out a good season. If not, the Celtics could consider him.

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Whatever happens, the fact is that Z-Bo is at the crossroads and his next contract could be his last. It all depends on how he can cope up with the competition this coming season. Should his dip in performance continue, his stock is likely to go down and eventually push him to settle for one-year minimum deals.

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