NBA Rumors: Washington Wizards Out Of Kevin Durant Race

NBA Rumors: Washington Wizards Out Of Kevin Durant Race
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The Washington Wizards, Kevin Durant’s hometown franchise, has been ruled out as a desired destination for the free agent-to-be superstar, according to latest NBA Rumors.


Stephen A Smith, the popular ESPN analyst, revealed the recent development on Thursday’s edition of First Take. “The only thing that I’ve been told definitely about Kevin Durant is the Washington Wizards are out of the mix. He is not interested in going to play for his hometown team,” said Smith.

Smith added that there is still a lot of speculation over where Durant will eventually sign. “Nobody (from Durant’s inner circle) has been definitive about where he’s going to go. But they have been definitive about him not going to Washington D.C.,” added the veteran reporter.

Heartbreak for Wizards fans….

This will come as heart-breaking news for Washington fans, who have been dreaming of the day when their hometown hero pairs up with Bradley Beal and John Wall to form the NBA’s next powerhouse franchise. The Wizards haven’t helped their case, either. This season, they are languishing in 10th place and need to make a last-minute dash to secure a playoff berth.

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Smith’s revelation shouldn’t come as a surprise. Last month, Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski also noted that Durant won’t be heading to the nation’s capital. “Washington and the Lakers, they are not front-runners for Kevin Durant,” Wojnarowski said. “He (Durant) wants to win a championship.”

Wojnarowski  also noted that Durant’s “decision would likely come down to two teams, neither of which is located in the (Washington) District.”

Regardless of the rumors, the Washington Wizards must believe they are still in with a shot. If they can re-sign Bradley Beal and perhaps add a superstar big man such as Hassan Whiteside or Joakim Noah, why wouldn’t Durant consider them? A few seasons ago, Durant’s mother said on record that she’d “be thrilled” to see her son return home and bring Washington a rare championship.

Stay tuned for latest NBA Rumors.

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