NBA Rumors: Toronto Raptors Trading For Blake Griffin? DeMarre Carroll, Patrick Patterson To LA Clippers

NBA Rumors: Toronto Raptors Trading For Blake Griffin? DeMarre Carroll, Patrick Patterson To LA Clippers
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After missing out on the Pau Gasol sweepstakes in June, the Toronto Raptors are now reportedly setting their sights on another top-caliber power forward. Word around the league is that the Raptors are targeting Los Angeles Clippers big man Blake Griffin.


Griffin has a player option in 2017. He is expected to opt out of his contract to sign up for more money in his next deal. The Clippers would be wise to trade him now instead of letting him walk for nothing next summer.

Raptors Rapture pointed out that the Raptors still has a hole to fill at the power forward spot. The team recently signed Jared Sullinger to a one-year contract. The former Boston Celtics forward is a good positional defender who can hit mid-range shots, but he isn’t the type of talent who can help the team get over the hump.

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Griffin is currently on the trading block, and the Raptors have the necessary assets to get him. The Raptors can offer a trade package involving Lucas Nogueira, Patrick Patterson, DeMarre Carroll and a future first round pick.

To adopt to the NBA’s changing landscape, the Clippers need outside scoring from both forward positions. Patterson and Carroll are the perfect forward combo for the job. It’s a plus factor that both players know a thing or two about efficient perimeter defense.

On the other hand, the Raptors are one puzzle piece away from becoming an elite team. The addition of Blake Griffin will certainly make them that. However, Masai Ujiri and company need to be careful as there have been growing concerns about Griffin’s left leg, as per Boston Herald.

Griffin tore his left quad tendon on Christmas Day against the Los Angeles Lakers last season. He exacerbated the injury in first round of the playoffs while battling the Portland Trail Blazers. The 6-foot-10 power forward is currently recovering from a bone marrow procedure on his left thigh, and will miss the 2016 Rio Olympics because of it.

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  • Baller

    no, do not do it. He will walk away next year for sure.

    • herringtree

      The injuries suggest he won’t even walk.

      • Ricky Duhamel


  • ocscorpio

    Sounds like a made-up rumor to me. The Clippers don’t want to trade Griffin, and if they do, it would take such a large haul it wouldn’t be worth it for the Raptors, especially when you factor in his injury and personality issues.

  • James Nisky

    Griffin has shown to be one of the most durable big men in the game. Griffin missed his rookie season and has been extremely reliable up to this season. After 7 seasons in the league with no blemishes of misbehavior, it’s safe to say the fight with his friend is purely an isolated incident.

    Kevin Durant is coming off of a fine season, but isn’t far removed from 3 surgeries and missing an entire season, nobody is considering his acquisition by the Warriors a risk due to injury. Griffin had a pesky muscle tear, it takes time to heal but there is no serious structural issues like a blown acl. He is only 27 years old and is just entering his physical prime. Opposing teams know this and they just want to overstate the non-issues to attempt to get him for nothing.

    Let’s see who has been rumored to want Griffin this offseason:
    Oklahoma City

    Players perceived to have a low value to generate that kind of interest, particularly when they’re signed to an active expiring contract. In other words, all of these teams are willing to gamble assets for potentially just one season with him on their team. Sounds like Griffin has proved himself in this league to a degree very few ever will.

    In 2014 Griffin finished 3rd in MVP voting behind Durant and LeBron. 99% of NBA players will never even receive a single MVP vote, much less enough to finish 3rd place in the voting. So, Griffin is a borderline MVP – has any proposed trade package for Griffin equaled borderline MVP value? I haven’t even seen a package that included borderline all-star value. Ballmer already stated he’s willing to make Griffin the highest paid player in the league in order to retain him permanently. Griffin isn’t leaving his established home in Los Angeles for less money, and a less appealing residence unless it’s for a nearly guaranteed title. The Clips will not be favored over Golden State, but neither would any other team right now. The fact is the Clips give him the biggest upside – the best pay, the best city, the richest owner, his best friend is on the team and a 1st NBA 1st Team Defense center, and the Clips are likely to finish with the 2nd or 3rd seed in the West. What would another team say to him that provides even a single reason for him to play anywhere but LA?

    Griffin is a mega star for a reason – nearly 23 points / 10 rebounds / 5 assists / 50% field goals per game for his entire career. I’m not saying Griffin is as good as LeBron James (nobody is), but the numbers look very similar, and to take back value equal to Griffin in any trade the Clips would expect a LeBron or Paul George type of all NBA player.

    It has been proven so many times in the past that 1 superstar is always better than 2 very good players. If the Clips did a deal for Griffin it would be for DeRozan AND Lowry.

    • Dean Edwards

      You are so high. Two all Stars for one? Not a chance. Great post…then with last sentence prove you know nothing about hoops.

      • James Nisky

        The last sentence was meant to illustrate that the Clips aren’t interested in moving Griffin. Obviously Toronto would not move 2 stars for 1 unless it was maybe LeBron or Curry. I know basketball well – maybe consider understanding context a little better before making knee jerk reactions though.

  • ROB

    Everybody keeps saying that the Clippers want to trade Blake…but I
    haven’t heard not even one team with enough talent to make it
    happen…please they are not dumb… stop the nonsense