NBA Rumors: Tim Duncan To Get $150 Million To Join Spurs Front Office?

NBA Rumors: Tim Duncan To Get $150 Million To Join Spurs Front Office?
Tim Duncan H. Michael Karshis / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Tim Duncan, the future Hall-of-Famer, is done with his playing career but is expected to join the San Antonio Spurs front office, according to several sources.


A few days ago, the San Antonio Express-News reported that Duncan is expected to join the franchise in a full-time capacity down the road.

“Most in the organization think Duncan will eventually join the franchise in a full-time capacity. They guess he won’t coach but will instead focus on personnel.

“Duncan has long been intrigued by the methods that Popovich and Buford use to identify talent,” reported San Antonio beat writer Buck Harvey.

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The report also added that Duncan has been visiting the AT&T Center on a daily basis and overlooking practice sessions. He is also expected to be a part of the team’s training camp which begins later this month.

Tim Duncan to join front office?

Jalen Rose, former NBA player, speculated that Duncan would end up getting a 5-year, $!50 million contract to sign the Spurs front office on account of the fact that he took several pay cuts during his career.

“Don’t underestimate the salary he deserves because of all the pay cuts he took to sustain a championship-caliber team,” the former Pacer said during ESPN radio show Jalen & Jacoby.

When Duncan retired in July, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich hinted that the Big Fundamental would remain a part of the organization in some capacity.

“He’s too smart to coach, that’s for sure. I don’t think we’re going to see Timmy going up and down the sidelines much. But I have a notion he will at least listen to being involved, somehow or other, maybe even on a part-time basis.

“I’m certainly going to hit with everything I have to try to keep him around here as long as I possibly can because he means that much to everyone in the organization,” Popovich said during his emotional farewell to Duncan.

Tim Duncan played 19 seasons for the Spurs and never missed the playoffs. He won five championships.