NBA Rumors: Tim Duncan Returning To San Antonio Spurs?

NBA Rumors: Tim Duncan Returning To San Antonio Spurs?
Tim Duncan H. Michael Karshis / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Tim Duncan has officially retired but as a player for the San Antonio Spurs. Seeing he spent his entire career for the franchise, it seems almost certain that he will at some point hold a key position.


What will Tim Duncan do?

For sure, Tim Duncan will not be the next head coach of the Spurs, at least not now. Being part of the coaching staff could be possible, but Duncan seems to deserve more than that.

With that said, it would not be surprising to see the two-time NBA MVP land a front-office job. To be precise, it could have something to do with personnel according to the San Antonio Express-News.

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Duncan has been spotted frequenting the Spurs facility doing his usual routine, doing weights and shooting some hoops. From that alone, Duncan seems to be still hooked to the game, though it may not be tied up to any possible return to the hardcourt.

Aside from being a habit, it may be Duncan’s way of staying in shape, as he has a whole lot less to do since announcing his retirement. From the looks of it, all that will continue if he does end up taking on a full-time job with the Spurs in the near future.

What makes Duncan headed to possibly handling personnel is the fact that he is intrigued by the process. He witnessed the methods done by head coach Gregg Popovich so such could probably inspire him to take up the slack.

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If Duncan does end up inheriting that role, it would be big load off the responsibilities of Popovich. Having been around the franchise since 1997, it surely seems like the San Antonio Spurs have not seen the last of Duncan which hardly comes as a surprise.

The Spurs will likely make that move soon. But it may require vested interest from the former first round pick of the 1997 NBA Draft.

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